About Us

Early Beginnings

Trying to go waste-free in 21st Century London is still a daily challenge but we are convinced it doesn’t have to be.


At Zéro we want to make it easy for everyone to embark on the zero waste journey. Our shop offers a simple alternative to excessive single-use packaging consumption with a wide range of ready-to-go bulk items. 

We drew our inspiration for Zéro from the continental European model of zero waste grocery shopping, where there is still a culture of going to specialised shops for individual items e.g. bakery for bread, cheesemonger for cheese etc. We used to shop in such establishments when we lived in France and Italy and thought there was no reason why the model should not be replicable in the UK. After all, this is how all shops used to be in this country as well before supermarkets monopolised the market!  

Another great source of inspiration for us are the works of all the wonderful people leading the way in the world of zero waste and climate protection. The ones who are raising their voices and teaching us how to make the world a more sustainable one. Here are a few of our heroes: Plastic Free JulyBea JohnsonSir David AttenboroughGreta ThunbergRob GreenfieldZero déchets Family