Sunflower Veggie Mince £4.00/100g

Ingredients: Organic Sunflower Protein (made from 100% organic sunflower seeds).


Very easy to use, high in protein and fibre this mince is free from gluten and soya so it offers a great way to add protein variety to both meat and plant-based diets.


Cooking Instructions: It's as easy as pouring cereal into milk!  Just add the mince straight to your favourite sauce and it cooks in minutes (no pre-soaking required).


Store in a cupboard or cool place (no fridge needed).

Sunflower Veggie Mince £4.00/100g

  • Energy 1359 / 323kcal

    Fat 2.2g

    of which saturates 0.5g

    Carbohydrate 11.9g

    of which sugar 5.9g

    Fibre 20.1g

    Protein 53.8g

    Salt -