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Chia Pudding

Makes 3 pots

Preparation: 2 mins

Resting Time: overnight


1/2 litre almond or coconut milk (or any plant-based alternative)

60g chia seeds

Orange juice (optional)

Dried fruits, nuts or cacao nibs (optional)


1 bowl

3 yoghurt pots

Step 1

Mix the plant milk (our favourite is the coconut milk version but you can experiment with various types) with the chia seeds in the bowl, stirring well to make sure the chia seeds are evenly distributed.

Divide the mixture equally into the 3 yoghurt pots.

Optional: stir in the fruits, nuts or cacao nibs and a splash of orange juice for added sweetness.

Step 2

Leave to rest in the fridge overnight.

Enjoy as a nice, healthy breakfast!

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