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7 Apps to Help You Lead a Sustainable Lifestyle

Updated: Jun 24, 2019

Did you know you could plant trees while searching the web? Have you heard of an app that allows you to donate to charity for free? When was the last time you offered a healthy detox to your mailbox?

There are many ways to help the planet and the people around you while sitting comfortably at home. You just need to know where to click! In this article, we have listed our favourite eco-friendly apps that we use and can help you adopt more sustainable practices every day.


#1 Ecosia

‘You search the web, we plant trees’ this is the promise Ecosia makes to the users who are willing to switch to their eco-friendly search engine. We have been using this tool for years and can highly recommend it. Not only does Ecosia use their profits to support local communities and plant trees around the world, their servers also run on 100% renewable energy, making the whole process more than CO₂-neutral!

The search engine is perfectly reliable and offers the same level of result quality as Yahoo or Google for example.

Added bonus: your can create your profile and see your ‘green stats’ with a personal counter that will tell you how many trees your searches have contributed to plant. It takes around 45 searches to fund a tree and currently, Ecosia funds the planting of a new tree roughly every second.

The more active users Ecosia gains, the more relevant it becomes to advertisers and therefore the more profits the company will be able to donate for the green cause so join the movement and make the switch today!

#2 Goodeed

This great app turns ads into donations!

With Goodeed, you can make up to 3 donations a day for the project of your choice, there is a large variety of projects available to support and you can choose from planting trees, cleaning-up beaches, distributing vaccines, offering meals to those in need and much more... All you need to do is log in and watch a 20-second ad for each cause you choose and Goodeed will take care of the rest. Revenues from the ads you watch go toward NGOs such as the UN World Food Programme, UNICEF, WWF and WeForest.

So far, 167 projects have been fully funded and with a total of 313.8K users the community keeps growing, will you be part of the change?

#3 Cleanfox

Did you know that digital pollution emits as much greenhouse gases as the civil aviation industry? If the internet was a country, it would be the 6th largest energy consumer on the planet! Sending and storing emails uses a lot of energy; one single email generates as much as 10g of CO₂ per year and 80% of emails are never even opened!

Cleanfox automatically detects all the newsletters in your inbox and helps you cleanse it to get a fresh start. This clever tool helps you sort your newsletters easily so you can choose the ones you want to keep and delete / unsubscribe from the others (the ones you never open or forgot you had subscribed to)!

What’s more, Cleanfox also plants trees! The company has partnered up with WeForest to participate in the financing of a reforestation project in Zambia, so as to further its positive impact on the environment.

Get your eco-friendly email detox here.

#4 TooGoodToGo

Another great example of technology being put to good use: Too Good To Go is a free app that helps people and businesses fight food waste.

Food waste is responsible for 8% of global greenhouse gas emissions and yet 1/3 of all food produced is wasted! This happens at every level along the food life cycle, from farm to fork but if we know where to look, we can help reduce the amount of food wasted around us.

Too Good To Go connects you with local businesses such as bakeries and restaurants which have to throw out freshly-cooked goods at the end of the day. The app will list stores close to you that have unsold food to give away at reduced price and will let you know the time you can pick it up. Simple. You don’t always know what you are getting until you pick it up but that’s part of the excitement!

This type of initiative makes us believe that a Zero Waste World is within reach!

#5 BlablaCar

Blablacar has been around for quite some time now and is a well-established and trustworthy carpooling website where you can find a ride or offer a seat to fellow travellers to/from any destination. Sharing a ride enables you to split the cost of your journey, reduce your carbon footprint by making use of an empty seat and meet new, interesting people.

With this app that gives you access to millions of journeys, you can quickly find people nearby travelling your way. Blablacar also has a well-rounded rating system and ID check process so you always know who you are travelling with.

To find a ride, simply enter your starting point and desired destination and the date you want to travel, then pick the ride that works best for you and book it online!  

#6 Refill

We have mentioned this app on social media before as this is a project we support as a business. Refill helps you locate water refill stations nationwide, so you always know where to get fresh drinking water on the go.

It will help you save money and prevent plastic pollution at the same time! If you don’t have the app, you can also keep an eye out for one of the blue Refill stickers in shop windows, these indicate that a shop is taking part in the campaign and has a fresh water station where you can ask for a free refill.

According to the Refill website, ‘If just one in ten Brits refilled once a week, we’d have 340 million less plastic bottles a year in circulation!’ Will you be part of the 10% making a difference?

#7 Bulk Locator Apps

Going zero waste is not always easy, especially when you don’t know where to find unpackaged products near you. Once you have found the packaging-free stores in your area, you can really start reducing the amount of plastic you bring home with your shopping. There are many apps out there that can help you find bulk food shops and liquid refills stations around.

One good example is the Zero Waste App, which lists not only groceries and packaging-free stores but also farmers markets, second hand shops, composting locations, activities etc. A great tool to keep handy when you are out and about!

The Bulk, a zero waste shop locator app from the author of Zero Waste Home, Bea Johnson, is also a great place to look for packaging-free locations, you can visit the web-based version here to discover your nearest zero waste shops and contribute to the database by adding places to the site. The mobile app is not currently available in the UK but the site is great and well-designed!

Both apps list locations worldwide so you can also use them to stick to the zero waste lifestyle while on holidays!

Other maps list specific products which can be found in bulk, such as the Ecover store locator where you can find your local refill station for washing-up liquids, laundry liquids, all-purpose cleaners etc.

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