How does the delivery service work?

Please visit our How It Works’ page for more information about our delivery service.

How do you drop off my order when I have not provided you with reusable containers in which to transport the products?

For the delivery service we prepare the orders in reusable containers and paper bags so you can collect the items directly at the door. We only ask that you return any reusable containers and bags included in your order. (With the covid-19 crisis we have started to use mainly paper bags to reduce risks of contamination).

When can I collect my order from your shop?

Collections are available from our store during our normal opening hours (please note that we are NOT open on Mondays) the next working day provided the order is placed before 6pm.

Please provide us with your name upon collection.


Normal Opening Hours:

Monday: Closed

Tuesday - Friday: 10am - 7pm

Saturday: 9am - 7pm

Sunday: 10am - 4pm

The website is not working on my phone

It has come to our attention that our website is sometimes a bit slow on mobile devices but you can now join Zéro on the Wix app to easily stay updated and shop with us on the go.
Join with this link.
Or is you have got the app, use the invite code: PRN0JM

Can I buy Eggs on the website?

Our eggs are still available but for collection only.

Please bring your egg boxes with you upon collection!

Where are the fruit and vegetables from?

The origin of the products is always displayed on the product page. We only select products that come from the UK or Western Europe when local equivalents are not available. Our supplier, Natoora, works closely with their community of farmers and the products that come from the continent are transported by road with the exception of fragile produce such as small strawberries, which we don't offer.

Is it really ‘zero waste’?

When it comes to environmental protection, the food industry and in particular the retail sector seem to have been left behind. Supermarkets are responsible for producing thousands of tones of plastic packaging each year and our country is faced with a growing food waste challenge.

So how do we do it? Find out more in this blog article!

Are your products organic?

Currently around 80% of the products we sell are organic and our aim is to raise this percentage even more in the future.
If you visit our store, you will see that organic products are marked with a green dot on the label.

When shopping online, please check the ingredients of a given product to see if it is organic or not. 

Are you allowed to sell Extra Virgin Olive Oil?

The current EU Regulation states that certain types of oil cannot be sold 'on tap' and must be sold in the original sealed packaging. These include:
- extra virgin olive oil
- virgin olive oil
- olive oil composed of refined olive oils and virgin olive oils
- olive pomace oil

Other oils including olive oils infused with other substances such as garlic or chilli (flavoured olive oils), can however be sold ‘on tap’.